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Dames Quarter B2B Delivery Service

Dames Quarter, MD Courier Service
Bates Moving & Storage is a locally owned and operated Dames Quarter MD-based and well-established professional courier service serving the Dames Quarter, MD area. With offices throughout central and southern Maryland, Bates Moving & Storage is one of the most reliable professional and proficient Dames Quarter, MD courier services in the state.

Bates Moving & Storage: B2B Delivery Service in Dames Quarter

Local B2B Delivery Service – Dames Quarter MD
What Sets Us Apart
Bates Moving & Storage is different than most international, enterprise courier services. Rather than focusing on bulk shipping and parcel transport, Bates Moving & Storage has developed a professional network Dames Quarter, MD. Through focusing on important local markets, Bates Moving & Storage is able to provide the best Dames Quarter, MD courier services in the state.

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Courier Services
Bates Moving & Storage operate in the legal, government, and medical courier and delivery industry throughout their service areas. With extensive personal and familiar knowledge of state office buildings, local government edifices, and diverse companies, Bates Moving & Storage is able to combine professionalism with intimate local knowledge in B2B Delivery Service . The result is lower pWilliston
s than larger corporations are able to provide, personalized customer service, territory and region knowledge that all combine to set Bates Moving & Storage apart for the competition.
Medical Delivery Service
In addition to providing local companies, businesses, government and legal industries, Bates Moving & Storage is also one of the most reliable medical delivery companies, not only in Maryland, but throughout the United States. With years of experience handling medical devices and transplants, Bates Moving & Storage has an extensive knowledge and track record of handling important medical parcels and cargo. In fact, Bates Moving & Storage has been the Dames Quarter, MD courier service of choice for nearly every hip medical device replacement in the nation.
Computerized Dispatch
Bates Moving & Storage is not merBrookview
a local Dames Quarter, MD B2B Delivery Service company . Bates Moving & Storage is completBarclay
up-to-date and sets the standards for package and signature tracking. Using the state-of-the-art equipment and software, Bates Moving & Storage can track any package effortlessly and provide computer dispatched information when requested.

Best B2B Delivery Service in Dames Quarter, Maryland

Easy Online Account
Signing up for Bates Moving & Storage is easy and takes only minutes. Setting up an account requires minimal information, and after registering for an account, a member of the Bates Moving & Storage Dames Quarter, MD Courier area will make personal contact and help expedite any impending orders.
Contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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Who We Are

Bates Moving & Storage believes reliability is the key to satisfied customer. Our couriers are trained to deliver packages with care and speed through the use of our advanced monitoring and tracking system. Knowing your package is safe and in good hands is our business.

The Bates Moving & Storage 100% Guarantee
At Bates Moving & Storage, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completAlgonquin satisfied, you aren’t charged. We are so confident in our abilities to meet your deadlines and provide unrivaled service that we offer this guarantee. We take special care to make sure each package is delivered on time and in perfect condition. Over the years, we have delivered thousands of packages so we know how to protect your items and ensure successful results. We have highly trained messengers on staff to help service all of your messenger and courier needs. Call our office today and talk to one of our friendly employees. Our staff is extremGrasonville
efficient at what we do.

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Easy and Friendly Ordering
The staff on hand who handle all of our orders are extremGirdletree
competent and take each order with a smile. We have a state of the art tracking system that records each location we have picked up from and delivered for you. This keeps the ordering process simple and efficient. It is our main priority to bring you the highest quality service, as fast and efficiently as possible.
What Are You Looking for in A Messenger Service?
At Bates Moving & Storage and Freight Service, we understand that a business’s day to day procedures can sometimes depend on the reliability of a top notch courier service. Having a local service available to serve all of your needs is important. While there are several different messenger services that serve Southern Maryland and the Dames Quarter area and offer same day delivery, we offer a money back guarantee. We have state of the art technology that helps us to efficiently route our deliveries. This prevents lost time and unnecessary mileage. People expect to have things delivered the same day so we have made it a priority to accommodate that need. Bates Moving & Storage and Freight Service offer a full line of courier and messenger services to all areas of Dames Quarter and the surrounding counties.
We have made it our goal to provide the most accurate, fastest, efficient messenger service to our customers. Our customers come first that is why we have several drivers to travel from place to place making sure each pickup and delivery goes smooth and expeditiously. Our drivers have years of service, driving and delivering various types of packaging. Bates Moving & Storage staff members do everything possible to provide best possible courier service in the Southern Maryland area.
We make delivering packages look easy. We have spent years working to make the process as seamless as possible. Call Bates Moving & Storage and Freight Services today. Whenever you need a professional messenger, just call our office and find out how we can help you.
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