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With years of experienced moving, delivering, and installing safes all over Chincoteague, VA and the US, Bates Moving & Storage has the expertise and equipment to do your safe move right. Safe moving can be a difficult and potentially dangerous task. Each job is unique and requires its own well thought out plan. Knowing how to move bulky and heavy items, safSavage Town
, is paramount. It is about having the right equipment, not just muscle. Some things are better left to the safe moving professionals.

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Instead of taking significant risks moving a safe, call the safe moving experts at Braselton Safe. Your savings in avoiding repairs to drywall, flooring, and equipment, not to mention opening and repairing a safe that was dropped, are easily out weighed by the cost of hiring us. We have specialized safe moving equipment as well as the necessary skills to move safes up to 9,000 lbs.

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We know that there are other companies that can offer the same services we provide. We know that you have a choice and we understand that sometimes that choice isn’t as clear cut as it should be. Here at Bates Moving & Storage, we incorporate one simple philosophy – we say yes. It doesn’t necessarily matter what the question is, but we think that if you’ve taken the time to call us with a request that you want handled, the least we can do for you is to make it happen. Local and long distance deliveries or re-locations throughout the United States including the east coast, west coast and everywhere in between. Fully Licensed, Insured, US DOT Registered and Compliant.

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When our technicians show up on-site they will be clean, in uniform and professional. You won’t get a call the next day saying we missed your appointment because it was 5:01 and that would be overtime or that something more important came up. If we say that we are going to do it, we do. It’s really that simple. The risks of a do-it-yourself move of a safe are many. Personal injuries from load shifting, damage to property from scrapes and collapse of old floors, citations for blocking traffic when the safe falls over and another mover with the correct experience and equipment are summoned. The risks far outweigh the realistic cost to get the job done the right way once by a professional mover. Getting stuck, damaging the property, all add up to risks that will cost. Weight matters when moving a safe.

We move anything that is too big for regular safe moving companies such as gun safes, vaults, vending machines, machinery and much more.

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Our highly skilled techniques in moving safes often get customer praise with the words “you make that look so easy”. Those words are the service we can provide to your business when you need your safe move. As an authorized safe installation, safe mover, safe moving, and safe service company for several large companies in Chincoteague, VA, no safe move is too large or too small for Bates Moving & Storage.

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Our safe and vault movers are safe and efficient with the best rates around. Our professional safe movers are happy to move construction equipment to the job site. Have an upcoming office move? No problem. Stairs? No Problem, we move safes up or downstairs, no elevator needed. Buying a gun safe from someone on Craigslist? We can deliver it for you. Need liftgate service? We got you covered. When you have large items around your Safe, job site, home or yard that you need moved, contact us for a fast and free quote.